PC vs Mac Infographic: I’m Kinda Both!

When I was enjoying myself in social media today, I found this gorgeous infographic that sort of explains the demographic difference between Windows PC users and Apple Mac fans.

The data are very interesting, though I doubt they are 100% accurate though.

Anyway, it’s good to know the status especially for us who switched from PC to Mac. So, I find myself to be both a PC and Mac person. Well, maybe because I use both of them.

A couple of funny highlights:

  • PC people are 22% more likely than Mac people to be ages 35-49.
  • Mac people 22% more likely than PC people to be ages 18-34.
  • Mac people are 50% more likely than PC people to say they frequently throw parties (I quite agree on this point :))

Enjoy the infographic (click to enlarge):

Source: http://visual.ly/mac-person-vs-pc-person
Source: http://visual.ly/mac-person-vs-pc-person

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