How to Fix USB Stopped Working on MacBook Pro

Today’s issue is related to one of the most popular portable storage devices ? USB flash drive. A reader asks me this question:

“I have a 4GB Kingston USB drive, it worked fine on my MacBook Pro. But when I insert it into the port today, it can’t be recognized. What could be the cause and how to fix it?”

I have an 8GB SanDisk flash drive. Unfortunately, I don’t use it that often after cloud storage like DropBox and Google Drive show their advantages. Thus, I haven’t personally encountered such issue myself.

As usual, I’d be more than happy to direct my reader to useful resources that are yet to be covered in this blog. Here’re a few I found that could be helpful.

Mac USB Ports Stopped Working? It?s Likely Easy to Fix ? by Paul Horowitz from OSXDaily. He shows a couple of common fixes such as resetting SMC and NVRAM, and other considerations for USB not working on a Mac. Very thorough.

OS X Yosemite: If a USB device isn?t working ? from official Apple support. Well, it’s more like a checklist for you to narrow down the causes, and then fix the problems after that. Also highly recommend.

This YouTube video “MacBook Pro USB ports not working” made by Leon Stacey.

One last tip: do make regular backs of the data. I quite agree with Paul said in its article that “sometimes a USB device itself can fail, which may have nothing to do with the Mac itself.” Digital device will fail, it’s just a matter of time. But, don’t let that happen before you realize you’ve tons of precious files to be transferred.

Using an external hard drive (or several) is good, but I prefer online backup services like Google Drive. Anyhow, it’s your choice.

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