How to Disable Pictures from Syncing from iPhone/iPad to Mac Photos?

I love my photos as they truly mean the whole world to me. I also love iCloud for making it easy to back up all my precious photos taken from my iPhone or iPad. But, I don’t like it when those iOS device pictures automatically sync with Photos on my Mac.

Well, I get the point that by doing this, Apple allows users to enjoy moments wherever we are. But, I value my Mac storage space more than anything else. I do store lots of pictures on my Mac hard drive, but they are all selected ones.

Many of those pics in my iPhone or iPad are actually duplicates. I usually take some time to organize them before making a copy on my mac and external hard drive.

So, how to disable photos in iPhone or iPad from automatically showing up on your Mac? I’m here to show you how to do this in a few quick steps.

Step 1: on your Mac desktop, click Apple logo, go to System Preferences.

Step 2: on the System Preferences pane, click iCloud.

Step 3: here, uncheck “Photos”.

That’s it.

Note: my Mac is under OS X El Capitan by the time I wrote this post.

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