How to fix it when headphone sound isn’t balanced on Mac

Yesterday I took the plug and upgraded my MacBook to the latest version of Sierra, finally!…I know, I know, it’s quite late (call me lazy) 🙂

One problem that got around me was – when I plug in my headphone on the Mac jack, there’s voice only on one side (I couldn’t tell which is right or left since the two sides on my headphone are exactly the same).

The unbalanced sound is oddly unacceptable, something I can’t tolerate for sure. Just imagine when Justin Bieber’s voice always come from your right ear when he’s singing What Do You Mean, lol

I have never met such issue when I upgraded my Mac to El Capitan (the OS X version before Sierra), therefore I have no idea what caused it.

Fortunately, I was able to fix the unbalanced sound issue in a few steps (really simple, actually):

Here’s how:

Step 1: Click Apple logo on top left, then System Preferences

Step 2: in the Preferences pane, click Sound.

Step 3: in the new window, under “Output” tab (select this one if you are not here). See “Balance”? Move the pointer to the middle, and you should be good to go.

P.S. In my case, it pointed to “right”, that’s why there was only sound coming from one side on my headphone.

Hope Apple would take care of this issue when releasing the next macOS version, which’s coming soon.

Thanks for reading. Hope you find this tip useful!

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