Love this fantastic writing app Ulysses

I’ve been writing for a while (as you can see from the archives on this little blog) and honestly I never thought I need any writing apps, because the default WordPress typing dashboard is so awesome…kudos to the amazing?WP geeks 🙂

Case and point,?a minute ago I just created a new post and now I’m typing here – without any distractions thanks to the well-designed distraction free mode. I can also see the number of words I’ve typed and WordPress automatically saved my writing as a draft. Anyhow, those features can’t be more helpful than ever.

But today, I discovered another great yet professional writing app. Yes, you probably have knew it from the title of this article – it’s Ulysses.

You can learn more about the app from its official site here:?

I’m not going to cover how to use the app as you can find tons of tutorials from the developer’s site and on YouTube. And Shawn from the Sweet Setup team just launched a course about it, it seems pretty good though I’m yet to watch it in details.

Plus, I’m still in the learning curve…will take a little bit time, but I don’t think it requires ages. Two reasons: I’m eager to learn new stuff so I’m confident that I’ll get used to the app quicker than you might thought. Second, the Ulysses team has made a top-notch product, the app looks so?familiar.

What do I mean? Check out those screenshots I took!

A screen when the app has been installed successfully. “You’re all set, happy editing!”
The main dashboard of Ulysses, looks very much like the Mail app, right?
And here’s the Markup Preferences, looks beautiful, no? 🙂

You know what? The best part is that the app is cross-platform. Besides macOS, it’s also available on iOS (for iPad and iPhone).

Can’t wait to explore and learn more about this productivity app. It looks really great, isn’t it? I’ll share with you more about it later, if I get a chance.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all are great!

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